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Grey Hat Hackers Idea Competition


1,000,000 HAI ( ≈ $50,000)

Short List


The world’s first cybersecurity marketplace for cryptocurrency and blockchain market


Hacken Spotter — automated smart-contract auditor for high-level screening of any smart contract


AI Pentester — a tool to replace a real pentesters


Governance notes — the first platform that performs audits of DeFi platforms governance votings


Hacken Dex — Dex exchange operating on smartcontracts


xsstron ElectronJS Browser to Find XSS Vulnerabilities


Decentralized Hacked Website Database (DHWD)


FBI — bot that removes fake pages


disBalancer — is a decentralized network that provides DDoS Resistance service and decentralized load balancer for infrastructure


A tool/service to remove personal data/information, false profiles, stolen media from the web

Reasons to Apply

Take your Idea to the White Side

Convert your grey idea into white sustainable business 


Take Advantage of Hacken’s Skills & Network

Validate your idea by getting feedback from venture experts, Hacken team and global white hat hackers community


Funding Opportunities

Hacken investors & global community are watching the Grey Hat Ideas Competition for the next breakthrough. This is where you kick in

Submit your hacker product or a service idea and get the attention you deserve by winning the competition


Hunting Ideas:                                                    Jan 19 — Jan 31

Valuating Ideas:                                                Feb 1 — Feb 3

Ideas Shortlist Presentation:                            Feb 3

Fireside Chat with Shortlist Projects:              Feb 5 — Feb 11

Voting:                                                               Feb 12 — Feb 16

Announcement of the Winners:                      Feb 17

Prize Pool & Voting

1st place             600,000 HAI               Selected by Mr. Leo Andreo and Hacken Core Team

2nd place           300,000 HAI               Selected by HKN 4th level members

3rd place            100,000 HAI                Selected by Hacken community members 

Special Prize      5,000 USDT                 Selected by Mr. Leo Andreo


Vote on Telegram Hacken Community Channel


Submit your idea by filling the form below. Even though it is advisable, we recommend you to attach a pitch deck & up to 3 minutes of video pitch.

  1. An idea should be unique, do not copy ideas of existing projects or companies
  2. The idea of the product or service should be cybersecurity related 
  3. Submit your ideas till 11:59 pm UTC+02:00 on Sunday, Jan 31


For more inspiration check: 




If you have any questions please contact main organiser: @leo_andreo

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Submission closed

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